The Identity of Forever, or Forever’s Identity

By: Anthony Wall (


There are five invisible, but as five still discernible identities of the ground’s values of relativity to the identities of the letters/values of the English alphabet drawn above them/ground.  All gather round to know what’s native pure, and so to know really of/as what evolves, and how and why we’re here.  It’s time; prepare.  Lost class returns.  The alphabet’s sounds were revealed having a better than just living relationship to/as themselves; the same way the human species body of volume/s does individually (?+?), grouped (?++?), and together bonded (?+++?), species.  For example, this is the same way humanity is three simultaneously bonded identities of volume as individuals, as groups, and as the human species’s body of volume.  These are three distinct, but simultaneously bonded by/as a shared identity of value/value progression invisible, but this way so still discernible. 

These are three distinct, non-distinct, and simultaneously inseparable identities of volume, for example, not only as distinct identities of sequence nature.  They are three distinct identities of forever nature as value/value as nature, for example.  Only the extent of it is debatable.  And what debates that is recorded needing to value recorded still “criminally foreign influenced” sequence treatments, premises treatments, identity treatments, and with/as worse forced respected as science/s roles breaching method/s employed breaching screens, tools, and worse than just weapons, and actually recorded natures on a mass scale originally, and still, modern nations.  And what logic would debate this also needs to value criminally foreign influenced scientific consensus, and scientific processes, note.  We are in a semi-ancient trap that is fact treatment tied.  Each campus lied.  And each name is stole; literally.  And it is how identity is actually employed here.  And so one must rap: box sings….  I tell us things alone.  Each database holds lies, and how until ‘tis seized.  Campus Marcius/martius calls you through the breeze…..  Come home….

And this is as the first volume, identity’s.  All things are in demonstration of the identity of relationship that all things have to one shared identity of value/value progression at the same time.  It gains your mind; its own; the scientific value/variable as the identity of relativity, not per theory.  The identity of value that is all identities of value/value progression individually, grouped, and all together, it is distinctly, is non-distinctly, and is simultaneously such.  It is invisible but still discernible, and with a discernible identity of relationship to/as itself, and with the value/value system of/as that, too, note, native pure.  Box sings….  It teaches things.  Be an academician....  The scholars fail.  Campus Marcius rises here: all hail....


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The Origins of Life and Space Nature By: Anthony Wall

The 1st Volume

The First Volume's Identity of value/value progression

This is a rap song called "Completely New York," by Anthony Wall.  #NYC #Greater_New_York #Connecticut #music #song #rap #hiphop

The Forever Flower:

The following is a video about time and forever

By: Anthony Wall:

This is about the seasons:

 The Campus Marcius/Martius will use the recorded physical delusions of, and will use the recorded juxtaposed also criminally foreign influenced sequence treatments, premises treatments, and quality of fact treatment nature connections, and worth as to being positive, and/or as to being negative, but where, and how one identity of value progression inseparable from all questions demonstrates actually sound, and actually positive value logic, and psychology obligated to discern, and to have all discern the difference between positive logic as purported distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously by identities as "criminal insidiousness" natures of value/worth, as identity nature as value/value as nature.  Identities have a shared nature of volume, as identity as a/the nature of volume making more of its nature of volume/identity this way.  So note we have recoded self-valued roles with/as recorded criminally legalized "criminal insidiousness" natures of formal inter-branch opinions, and defenses of them, and as logic racketeering roles, needs, styles, again, and natures.  See "criminal insidiousness."  Oh, ah, and yet, as yet, each suit and tie hides beasts; beasts!!!!  Campus Marcius rises east.  Attend; be trained.  The timeless way; it only feels like game/s; fake science sized.  The land and seas are small by this that only fills; what leads our way; what guides.  And it is Native pure; what guides us best; box sings....  Each spot of ground was found denatured, and for yet roles that speak.  Long land, and sea, and skies, the longing tells.  Each letter is a word that value spells.  Each letter of the English alphabet is a word/value nature, and as ourselves, inside, but while as the identity of forever nature each thing and being is distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously.  The seasons are value as nature, and are nature as value and are simultaneously the value in demonstration of this, again, in demonstration of how, and not just why, our species is a/the nature of volume self-generating, again, and self-generating as forever nature, as the only increasing nature/identity of volume.  This is our guide.  And ancientgaming system will be valued for its counter-obfuscation/s of the value progression/s of the sciences, again, already worse than obfuscated,.  The value of the ability of correlation nature discernment is recorded formally forced, tricked, hurt, persuaded, and worse, is kept prevented free speech, and worse, and so perpetually is simultaneously evidences racketeering roles, needs, and natures of uses of each person, group, and identity of unity.  Who named the location blackjack that?  Then who named the Battle of Blackjack that?  and had blackjack already been invented?  Undercover modern nations, and training of such, too, was/is still used to further this other method of racketeering already off the ground of education's value, and on/off campuses in layers already unceasingly since before our founders were born here, America, Connecticut, and nations.  We are in this common trap we so must seize!!!!  Campus Marcius/Martius calls you through the breeze.  #CampusMartius #CampusMarcius #Connecticut #Campus #education #educational #Republic #campuses #Romulus #RomulusandRemus #seasons


         Identity is the nature of volume connecting all other natures of volume sequentially, individually, grouped, and all together.  Just like how your own identity is greater than all the parts of your body individually, grouped, and together, too, the identity of the body of space/existence is greater than itself, but while as it.  It is self-generating.  The origins of life, and of physical space existence, they are about this one nature of volume that only increases.  There are proofs that the ancients revealed English to teach this, and with Yin Yang, for example.  Semi-ancient sciences were then “criminally foreign influenced.”  And sciences have been self-valued with criminally foreign influenced scientific process influences, and with criminally foreign influenced premises treatments, sequence treatments, note, and identity treatments since semi-ancient times, criminally foreign influenced.  It is important also to understand that/how these “criminal foreign influences” were/are not sourced by one modern nation, but are maintained fluent through each modern nation.  Scientific consensus is effectively maintained “criminally foreign influenced,” for example, and effectively to maintain scientific processes self-valued criminally foreign influenced, and delusions wrought, as well.  And so note also how this has recorded influences over the “sense and sensibilities” of everyone through time, and still valuing/defending criminally foreign influenced sequence treatments, and finite, active, and progressive treatments of positive, and of identity’s treatments, again, criminally foreign influenced since semi-ancient times.  Psychology is the private industry most insidiously used by roles with the campuses of each age, and of the branches of each area, and of each state, again, recorded still self-valued criminally foreign influenced, and breaching screens, tools, and worse than just weapons as each formal identity of the law since semi-ancient times.  All rise.  This is a citizen’s arrest, by Anthony Wall.  This is not just volume science.  This is not just identity science.  Get them to pick one name, and to pick one sequence, too, inter-branch, starting with Connecticut, but inter-states.  #evolution #influnences #influencers #Connecticut #UnitedStates #humanity #volume #science #origins #genisis #identity #scientific #processes #time #AnthonyWall #youtuber #fighter #sciences #sports #Romulus #Republic #campuses #ancients #humanity #origins #space #existence #values #value #value_progression #Anthony  8/18/2019